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Joining a Calidex adventure is's how to come aboard and what to expect:


I. Making and Confirming a Reservation

1. Trip Types A Calidex "Journey" is comprised of one or more trip legs, each typically 6 to 10 days in length, with firm pricing and itineraries. Group members may sign up for as many trip legs as desired. Journeys and their constituent trip legs are shown with green background on the Calendar & Costs and "What's New?" web pages. Calidex "Trips-in-the-Works" are under development, with itineraries, dates and pricing subject to change. "Trips-in-the-Works" are shown on the Calendar & Costs and "What's New?" webpages with yellow background.

2.Trip Availability Check trip availability by clicking on Calendar & Costs. Even if your desired trip leg indicates no availability, call us anyway to review standby status.

3. Included/Excluded Trip Expenses Calidex trip leg prices normally do not include U.S. or international airfares, lodging or meals prior to Rendezvous Day, gratuities, excess baggage charges, and expenses of a personal nature such as telephone and laundry. Lunches and dinners are often excluded from the pricing (except at remote lodges where no other dining option exists) in order to give group members the opportunity to sample the full range of local cuisines. Domestic airfares are usually included in the trip leg price, but not always. Prior to signing up for a Journey, please call us toll-free at 1-866-CALIDEX to review the trip's included/excluded expenses, along with the trip's degree of difficulty, any special experience requirements that may apply, and your dietary needs and physical issues. You may also e-mail us at with your contact number and we'll be happy to call you to discuss the trip.

4. Trip Confirmation Once we've reviewed the trip with you and your participation is a "go", we'll confirm your reservation upon receipt of the applicable deposit.

II. Deposits & Payment

1. Deposits For a "Trip-in-the-Works", you may remit a deposit of $200.00 at any time to secure your slot. This slot deposit is fully refundable upon request if your plans change or the trip, when finalized as a Journey, fails to match your budgetary and calendar requirements. When your selected "Trip-in-the-Works" firms up as a "Journey", the deposit due dates and amounts will be posted on the Journey's web page, or Calidex will notify you by e-mail that your Journey deposit is due—typically 25% to 50% of each trip leg's price less any $200.00 slot deposits paid. If you choose not to participate, your prior $200.00 deposit(s) paid, if any, are promptly refunded and your space released.

2. Final Payment Payment of the final balance due must be received no later than 90 days prior to your first trip leg Rendezvous Date, unless otherwise stated by Calidex. Certain vessel charters may call for full payment 120 days or more prior to the departure date.

3. Cabin Assignments For cruise trip legs, we normally charter the entire vessel for the exclusive use of Calidex clients. On a Calidex cruise everyone typically pays the same price; there is no multi-tier pricing structure based on differences in cabin amenities. Subject to those cabin assignments made on the basis of gender mix and family groups, we hold a drawing for cabins. Everyone then has the same chance of getting first choice of the available passenger cabins including the "best" cabin offered by the vessel. However, if the vessel is not for the exclusive use of Calidex clients different ground rules for cabin assignment may apply.

4. Means of Payment Calidex does not accept credit cards; personal checks and wire transfers are welcome. Please make personal checks in favor of "Calidex".

III. Cancellations, Refunds & Itinerary Changes

1. Trip Leg Cancellation by Participant Standard per-person cancellation fees are based on the date Calidex receives written notification of cancellation from the cancelee. Fees are: (a) $500.00 if notice is received 60 or more days from the applicable trip leg Rendezvous Date, (b) 50% of the trip leg price if notice is received within 59 to 30 days of the applicable Rendezvous Date; and (c) 100% of the trip leg price if notice is received within 29 days of the applicable Rendezvous Date. In the event Calidex rebooks the space, cancelee’s prior payments shall be refunded in full less a $500.00 cancellation fee. In the event cancelee can recruit a replacement traveler, the $500.00 cancellation fee is waived.

It is important to note that with respect to certain special journeys no refunds may be available in the event of participant's cancellation. Calidex enters into contracts with local operators and vessel owners to gain early commitment of local resources to Calidex programs. To secure such commitment, these agreements often preclude the refund of deposits. Trip insurance is therefore highly recommended as protection against trip cancellation or interruption, as well as exigencies requiring emergency medical evacuation. Calidex will be pleased to provide assistance with your purchase of trip insurance.

2. Trip Leg Cancellation by Calidex In the event Calidex cancels a planned trip leg, we promptly refund 100% of all payments received from participants. By California law, all funds received from clients by a tour operator must be deposited in a trust account and held for the account of clients in the event the applicable services are not delivered. Calidex is in full compliance with this important protective statute. Furthermore, if a trip is shortened for other than an Act of God or civil insurrection, Calidex shall remit to participants a proportional refund upon receipt by Calidex of reimbursement from the responsible local operators.

3. Itinerary Changes Unforeseen events may occur that necessitate itinerary changes for which no prior provision can be made. Inclement weather, regulatory changes, local government interventions, airline schedule revisions, participant health problems—any such occurrence may cause a trip delay or interruption that requires a change to the itinerary. Additional costs, if any, that may be associated with such changes are not included in Journey pricing, and are the participant’s responsibility to pay if incurred. Changes may also be made to a Journey itinerary if they are deemed beneficial to the participants, e.g., a particularly attractive or historic lodging that previously had no space suddenly becomes available for booking.

IV. Communications

1. Trip Information Packet Upon receipt of your Journey deposit, you'll receive a document packet that typically contains a detailed day-by-day itinerary, contact information, maps, a recommended clothing & equipment list, first-aid and health suggestions, a Liability Release and Assumption of Risk form for signature, and other important information pertinent to your Journey.

2. Satellite Telephones Every Calidex trip leader carries an Iridium® system satellite telephone available for outgoing calls at $3.00 per minute rounded up to the nearest whole minute. Text messaging at no charge to the sender or recipient is also available for outbound communications. On a Calidex Journey, you're never out of touch with family, friends or business associates.

3. Getting on the Calidex Mailing List Easy to do...just e-mail us at with your preferred e-mail and snail-mail contact information and you won't miss any previews of upcoming Calidex adventures.

Calidex Corporation is registered as California Seller of Travel No. 2040751-40. Registration as a Seller of Travel does not constitute approval by the State of California. Monies paid by participants for travel services not provided shall be promptly refunded by Calidex per the above terms. In accordance with California law, participants' payments are deposited into a Trust Account. Calidex contributes to travelers' financial protection via a program established by the Travel Consumer Restitution Corporation (TCRC) wherein travelers may seek justifiable refunds of unreimbursed payments made.

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