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April 2019

Persian culture is one of the few cultures in the world that can rival the Chinese for richness and longevity. Despite the harsh rhetoric emanating form the Government, the Iranian people on the street are a warm and welcoming lot, a notable difference emphasized by foreign visitors. The itinerary takes us deep into the Iranian heartland, from the urban dynamism of Tehran to the ethereal beauty of historic Persepolis and remote oases that continue to enable ancient rhythms of desert life. We’ll travel securely, drawing support from a local operator known to Calidex for 30 years, and enjoy encounters with many locals eager to get a dose of the West from foreign travelers. Rendezvous in Vienna Airport, Austria on April 7, 2019 and disembark in Tehran where the adventure begins. Per-person cost for the 14-day journey is $5,850, airfares not included. Accommodations are in 4-star hotels in the cities and colorful traditional guesthouses in the countrysideat most locations. Maximum group size is ten.

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