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January 2018

Ranking among some of the wildest places on earth is Panama's Darien Gap—the jungled "cork" between Panama and Colombia where the Pan American Highway comes to a halt. Another such place is the huge swath of Amazon forest south of the Napo River in Ecuador that was set aside to insulate the Huaorani Indians from the advance of cibvilization. Our 12-day tropical adventure encompasses both areas. Those who join up can expect an extraordinary mix of wildlife and tribal encounters in very remote, completely unspoiled settings. Rendezvous in Panama City, Panama on January 10, 2018; photograpgh wildlife in and around the Darien Gap with the emphasis on birds and a search for the iconic Harpy Eagle. Segue to Quito, Ecuador on January 15th; fly next-day to Puerto Francisco Orellana, otherwise know as "El Coca", in the Ecuadorian Amazon. Embark by motorized dugout on the Shiripuno River to begin a deep penetration of the Amazonian forest and an eventual encounter with the Huaroani, once notorious for their practice of shrinking the heads of missionaries. Several days are spent with the tribe accompanying the young warriors blowpipe hunting expeditions, bow & arrow fishing excursions, witnessing their unusual ceremonies and observing their intimate adaptation to life in the Amazonian jungle.

Trip cost is $5,628 per person. Domestic Ecuador flights included, international airfares excluded. Accommodations in Panama are in comfortable ecolodges and boutique hotels; with the Huaroani, lodging is in very basic sleeping shelters.


September 2019

Once a touristic orphan plagued by drug cartel violence and warring guerrilla forces, Colombia has settled down to become a safe travel destination with an abundance of scenic and historic attractions. Discover the country's rich natural history ranging from the Andean Cordillera to the tropical forest—exotic environments filled with wildlife including some 1,900 species of birds, more than any other country in the world. Cartagena and Bogotá are Spanish Colonial gems, and the journey begins with 2 nights & 2 days to explore Cartegena on the Caribbean. Segue to Bogota to sample local specialties in traditional restaurants such as "La Puerta Falsa", serving meals for more than 200 years, and the spectacular Gold Museum. In the charming regional capital of Medellin follow the trail of Pablo Escobar and where he ended his days in a rooftop gunfight. Reach the amazing Caño Cristales National Park where different species of colored algae turn the waterway into a unique rainbow of colors without peer. End the journey with a guided excursion into tne southern Colombian tropical forest to photograph wild life including many endemic bird species.

The 10-day trip cost is $$3,950 per person; meals & airfares not included. Best available accommodations at all locations in ecolodges and boutique hotels.

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